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not been confirmed by either the state department or the white house. senior u.s. officials are waiting. some visual confirmation of khaddafy's capture or death. until officials get that confirmation, either with an actual photograph or first-hand report from a u.s. asset they will not confirm anything. there are celebrations in the city of sirte this morning. it has been quite the last six months if you think about when all this started. i want to bring in two people here that are great experts on this stuff. steve clemmens and robin wright, from the woodrow wilson center. rob robin, you have sat face to face with moamar khaddafy. you were telling me you remember interviewing him back in 1980. this is a man who took power when richard nixon was president of the united states. i note the a.p. report, past reports, proven incorrect. nobody wants to jump to conclusion here, but. >> well he was forced out of power in tripoli. getting him was a long process of liberating libya. this is an important step whether he was captured or killed. the mere fact that they managed to take over his home
. moammar gadhafi is daddy. after fro years in power and eight u.s. presidents, the libyan dictator was pulled from a drainage pipe and executed by his own people. ronald reagan once called him the mad dog of the middle east. his larger foreign policy approach where the president put limits on u.s. military enga engagement and let a coalition of partners in nato take the lead. >> there's no doubt that we did exactly what we said we were going to do in libya. i think it underscores the capacity of us to work together as an international community. i'm very proud of the work we did on this operation. >> yesterday in the rose garden, the president talked about what the white house sees as the foreign policy victories of the last six months. >> we see the strength of american leadership across the world. we've taken out al qaeda leaders and put them on the path to defeat. we're winding down the war in iraq and have begun a transition in afghanistan. now working in libya with friends and allies, we have demonstrated what collective action can achieve in the 21st century. >>> vice preside
as president he'd consider sending u.s. troops into mexico to curb the drug violence. >> it may require our military in mexico working in concert with them to kill these drug cartels and keep them off of our border and to destroy their networks. >> again, that was saturday. all of that was over shadowed by this story. the washington post reported that a hunting camp perry leased with his father was called a racial slur painted in block letters on the rock marking the entrance. he said his father painted over the sign soon after leasing the property but at least seven sources said the name was visible at different points during the '80s and '90s. one worker said he'd seen it as recently as three years ago. the problem for perry was on one hand the perry campaign hoped to min mighty ducks the damage by blaming the story on the so-called liberal media trying to paint rick perry as somehow a part of the old south. but in came herman cain, the lone african-american in the republican race. here's what he said. >> the n-word is probably one of the most vile, negative words in our culture and i jus
the closest, herman cain. he joins us live in a few minutes. >>> especially meanwhile the right's favorite tough talker lines up behind romney, chris christie makes his pick. does that mean he'll be romney's pick for a running mate. wait until you hear what he told nbc news exclusively. >>> a story that seems ripped from a spy novel. a u.s. citizen confesses to taking part in a plan to assassinate the saudi arabia ambassador to washington using hit men from a mexican drug cartel. we'll have the latest details on the justice department's shocking announcement. it's wednesday, october 12. let's get to my first reads of the morning. we want to get to the herman cain interview. mitt romney is looking more and more like the man to beat. he's picking up the endorsement from chris christie, established republican, couple more this morning. the only problem is somebody forgot to tell the electrorate. thanks to a unique feature to this debate, the candidate to candidate questioning, romney found himself on the defensive, attacks he by and large seemed to deflect effectively. watch. >> your chief ec
, but not enough to lower the unemployment rate. the president's top economic adviser, gene sperling, joins us from the white house this morning. >>> also, republican legislatures in a number of states have been raising hurdles to get to the voting booth. they say the move fights fraud. as many as 5 million eligible voters may have a harder time casting their ballots in 2012. we'll have the debate ahead. >>> and who would have thought the massachusetts senate race would get this feisty and personal this fast? elizabeth warren takes a jab at senator scott brown's claim that he had to pose nude to pay for college in 1982, but it's what scott brown said back that's raising eyebrows. it's friday, october 7th, 2011. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let me get right to my "first read" of the morning. and let's start with the jobs numbers. employers added 103,000 jobs in september. it left the unemployment rate unchanged at 9.1%. now, the president has been pulling out all the stops to sell his jobs bill. he's been traveling to schools, bridges, rural america, plans to take another bus tour in
. >>> and secretary of state hillary clinton talks exclusively with some partner here that i used to know, savannah guthrie, about the iran-backed assassination plot. and also those hillary for biden rumors. her reaction ahead. it's thursday, october 13th, 2011. this this is the daily rundown. a tough fund raising burden in july for the debt ceiling. we'll tell you how much has been raised for the re-election. >>> plus. primary calendar. new hampshire lays down the gauntlet with nevada. could we see voting in early december, and the official end of the new hampshire primary going forward? we'll see. >>> let's get right to my first reads of the morning. fueled by tea party supporters, conservatives and high-interest republican primary voters, herman cain is vaulted into the lead in the race for the republican nomination nationally. another sign of how volatile a republican race this has been. this is the fourth poll in the last five where somebody new has surged to the top to challenge mitt romney. in april, donald trump. july, michele bachmann who stormed into second place. august, rick perry shot
, but the real story today is gary johnson who isn't doing a great job of convincing us that he's running a serious campaign. johnson failed to file by proks pep yesterday was the deadline to do it by mail which means he has to show up in person today if he wants to get on the ballot. a member of the two-term governor of new mexico. he told nbc, quote, the technical term is that we screwed up. johnson hopped a red eye last night from arizona, plans to file later this morning. you realize the johnson campaign. this is the one that's advocating legalization of marijuana. the joke just writes itself. they did shell out the $35,000 the south carolina republican party charges to get on that primary ballot. back to new hampshire. there's a record number of republicans to run in the new hampshire presidential primary. this time it was 25 back in 1992. so far 24 republicans have already filed papers in new hampshire this year. seven of the declared candidates and 17 people you've probably never heard of. remember, it only costs $1,000 to get on the ballot in the granite state. assuming rick perry
his insurance policy for 2012. senator kay hagan joins us in a few minutes. >>> someone skipping a debate and some might skip the entire early caucus ets. will pressure from new hampshire nix what is already a very fragile lesion. >>> plus is hollywood's new republican elite holding back on 2012. find out why some of the conservatives aren't dirk out. >>> i am chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. tonight, seven republican hopefuls in tromney, still the front runner. herman cain is leaving nothing to chance. he is out with a very tough web video called the facts attacking rick perry's jobs record in texas. >> your opponents point out that unemployment has doubled and that about 65% of the texas job gains sense 2007 are actually government jobs. is that the model for the country? >> i disagree with those numbers. >> we've begun to see progress all across the country. businesses are beginning to hire aga again. >> that's a romney video out this morning. guess they're preparing for what could be an attack night in vegas. what have we learned from all these de
or a mind. the task before us is to focus on the things that unite us. let no agenda tear us apart. >> on the trail in iowa, romnpe was forced to distance himself. >> do you believe mormonism is a cult? >> i told him no. >> republican candidates were offered the opportunity to denounce jeffress and call romney a christian. and they dodged the question. >> he is a mormon. that much i know. i am not going to do an analysis for the reasligions. >> you leave open the possibility that you dodged the direct question. >> no. i think what the real focus is here, again, is on religious tolerance. that's really what this is about. >> anyone getting a flashback to how when you would hear some republicans or some conservatives who had an issue with president obama's faith say i take him as his word. using phraseology like that? look. here's the actual religious divide here. me mormon church explains this way to us. some evangelicals have with the word christians. for them the word christian is specific and applies only to those who share the same belief in the trinity. for mormons the definiti
protesters in oakland, california, police use tear gas after moving them out of their encampment near city hall. >>> and in california president obama joined jay leno on "the tonight show" but nobody was laughing when the conversation turned to the country's frustration with washington. >>> it's wednesday, october 26th, 2011, and this is "the daily rundown." >>> first read of the morning, joining me nbc political report report reporter, let's start with mitt romney in ohio. >> mitt romney was in ohio yed and he had given support earlier this year back in june to the ohio collective bargaining rights law that went into effect. approached by governor john kasich there, but yesterday was a little bit different tone. >> we've got sound on it. let's play the comeback and come back with it. >> i'm not speaking about particular ballot issues. those are up to the people of ohio, but i certainly support the effort of the governor to rein in government. i'm not terribly familiar with the two ballot initiatives, but i'm certainly supportive of the republican party's effort here. >> now, the problem w
the cover. >> great design. >> i also want to thank jane mclaughlin for having us last night for a lovely event. joe had a wonderful time. it's great to have you with us. >> it's morning joe. stick around for chuck todd. >> actual growth. new numbers show that despite fears of a double-dip recession this summer, the u.s. economy grew 2.5% in the third quarter. and europe delivers a deal that could save greece. could the stalling economy finally be accelerating? there's an occupant in the white house who is most curious. >>> plus, executive orders. the president bushs plans on jobs, housing, student loans and more. is this the action the base has been clamoring for. senior white house adviser stephanie cutter weighs in on how much the president can actually accomplish this way. >>> and dirty dozen. a college football fight breaks now the the u.s. senate. joe manchin versus mitch mcconnell in the fight between louisville and west virginia to escape the crumbling big east. west virginia's manchin joins us to talk about his threat to use a senate investigation if west virginia is left out. it
before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> rick, i don't think i have ever hired an illegal in my life. i am looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i will show you what the facts are. >> rick, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds and this is the way the rules work. i get 60 seconds and then you get 30 seconds to respond. anderson? will you please wait? are you going keep talking? >> here's what perry is referring to. a 2007 boston globe report that romney for a full year knowingly used a lawn service that employed undocumented immigrants. the exchange was more raw and more personal as it went on. here's the rest of it. >> a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that and you are going to get testy. >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn and they had illegal immigrants working there. when that was pointed out to us, we let them go. you have a problem with allowing someone to speak. i suggest if you want to be president of the united states, you have to let both people speak. let me speak. >>
gubernatorial election at the last minute. he beat bill maloney 50% to 47%. he used his victory speech to declare inspendependence from outside groups. now the president wasn't the scapegoat in west virginia. he's making house republicans his scapegoat on the jobs bill. things got heated and petty all at the same time yesterday in a back and forth between the white house and majority leader in the house eric cantor. >> i'd like mr. cantor to come down here to dallas and explain what exactly in this jobs bill does he not believe? n.? if y if you don't would that, at least put this jobs bill up for a vote to the entire country knows exactly where members of congress stand. >> well, even before the president had spoken those words about eric cantor, they telegraphed they were going to do it, cantor responded on twitter saying "while the president seems to be in full campaign mode we in the house are going to try to find areas of commonality to work for the people. in the senate, mitch mcconnell tried to stick up for eric cantor. he moved to call the president's bluff saying it will be a g
to put michigan in play. he's going to do that. that's why you heard very aggressively the dnc use romney's comments about using t.a.r.p. funds to bail out the auto industry, that that was one point they grabbed and went after romney with pretty quickly. michigan. keep an eye on it as a purple state. yesterday at a news conference the president challenged congressional republicans to take up and pass provisions of his jobs bill. >> if senator mcconnell or speaker boehner say to me, you know what? we want to get some infrastructure built in this country, i'll be right there. we'll be ready to go. if they are willing to renew the payroll tax as we worked on together in december, i'll be ready to go. >> but the relationship is hardly sunny after the president and boehner spoke on the phone yesterday. the speaker's office decided to release a statement about the phone call. quote, after they discussed trade, the speaker brought up the president's remarks today about, quote, not having yet seen a republican plan for job creation. and respectfully challenged the president's assertion. quote, i
. get rid of it. >> i want to take away the ten million ways they have now to tax us. i'm not worried about one. i'm worried about the 10 million in the current code. >> we saw in 2003 a candidate like howard dean push the rest of the democratic field to the left on iraq. we saw john edwards push hillary clinton and barack obama into getting more plans n. this case are we going to watch herman cain and mitt romney on the flat tax. the flat and fair taxes get into general elections and democrats pick them apart because of the deletion of popular tax deductions. mitt romney's tax plans are extending the bush tax cuts and cutting rates and helping the middle class save on income. it's not the wholesale change. the book they are calling for, we have the senior adviser for the romney campaign and joins me now. let me start with the push coming from your rival. i'm scrapping the tax code in the 59-point plan. you call for extending the readies that s ends the message. >> chuck, a flat tax is a great idea in theory, but the problem for mitt romney has always been will it raise taxes on the m
and the man that can set this date. tell us now. clear it up before i ask you where iowa stands, this is what we know about new hampshire. bill gardner said this morning, he is not setting this date possibly not until before november 1st. what does that mean? will you set your date before iowa, before new hampshire? >> i think it's something we need to look at. initially when florida made their announcement on friday, i said we were going to wait to see what date new hampshire sets. i will act accordingly. based on reports this morning, we've got over 1700 precincts we have to organize. what i'm hearing from iowa republicans is that we may have to set a date very soon. those discussions will continue into the day and the rest of the week. iowa cannot necessarily wait for new hampshire to set a date. >> and are you adamant about making sure iowa's first, or are you adamant about not breaking the sort of december -- this unofficial line where everybody said we'll not ever go into december? >> one thing we've been clear on is we do plan to be first in the nation with our first in the nation cauc
the obama administration used mitt romney's massachusetts health care law as a model of their own plan. this isn't talking points, folks. this is deep facts. we will get to it later in the show. >>> let's get to my first read of the morning. we start with the republican race. eight republican hopefuls meet in hanover new hampshire to devote the economy. it is a state by state battle that begins in iowa and new hampshire. we are debuting new nbc news marist posts in both states. the numbers confirm that tonight is a do or die moment for rick perry who has fallen to fourth in both states. no one is more riding on a good debate performance tonight than perry. let's look at the numbers. romney clearly has home turf advantage. he is at 44%. it is nearly the doubled combine total of his two closest rivals. a different story in iowa. the herman cain surge has come to the hawkeye state. romney is neck and neck with cane. rick perry tied with michele bachmann at 10%. among tea party supporters, ruffle half of republican caucusgoers, cain tops romney, 31% to romney's 15%. among those that call t
justice was no peace at all. if he were alive today, i'd believe that he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of wall street without demonizing all who work there. >> nbcmara schiavocampo joins us. the most we heard him talk them up, if you will, since they started. how much of that resonated with the folks you talked to on the ground? >> you know, one of the questions that they have been asked since the beginning here is what do you want? they tend to get frustrate would that question now because they have been asked that for a month. what they want is to raise certain issues to the national level. when the president speaks about what they're doing here and the causes that they identify with, they identify that as an accomplishment of a specific goal that they have set forward, which is to raise issues of inequality, of economic inequality, bank bailouts and things like that to the national level. when it's addressed by the president, that's as high as it can get. in terms of what is happening here today to mark this one-month ann
is not going to be as sexy as 2008. again, a little bit more downbeat than we are used to hearing him. interesting to note his tone there. by the way, this trip is a real mix of policy and politics. he is going to attend six fund-raisers in the three-day west coast tour. he made his big announcement yesterday in las vegas, nevada. the foreclosure capital of the country. he said his administration would make it easier for folks under water to refinance their homes. he will be making an announcement tomorrow. more about fund-raising and of course that big appearance on jay leno which you mentioned, i'm in the burbank bureau right now. that will be taped around the corner. we will be watching that closely. appealing to younger voters there. >> there you go. they love their jay. >> absolutely. >> let's move back to the presidential race. governor perry is gambling that his flat tax will fuel a come back. the chief correspondent john har wood contrasts well with what mitt romney is proposing. >> i consider what mitt is doing nibbling around the edges and what we are doing bold. if you are
tonight. democrat has been favored all along. the republicans at the last minute are using the president to try to pull and upset here. they pull the upset, you know -- you know how members of congress can react. how concerned are you that that makes it even that much harder for the president to unite democrats behind him to sell this with the senate? >> it won't be a good thing for sure. but i think that it'll be two weeks of speculation in the news and then i think the congress will go back to its blocking of everything going on. at least the republicans will. but i would suggest that the president -- that that's not going to happen. i think the democrat is going to win in west virginia. and i hope that with every win, with democrats, that we become more and more energized. that's what we've got to have in the party right now. we've got to have energy. energy enough to knock on doors and to get independents over to our side. >> are you disappointed the president's not doing a big public event in missouri today, just stopping by to get money? >> you know, getting money is very important
that sounds? >> yes, i do. it's very serious. >> no. the fact that you cannot say it and you're telling us that we have to go to the association. >> that's the place to get the answer on if there was a settlement. >> how concerned are you that this story, because you can't -- you can't and the campaign cannot be the ones to stop this, that you're saying we have to go there. >> i think mr. cain will be addressing it today. and again, mr. cain has never sexually harassed anyone, period. >> did you ask him about the allegations? >> yes, i did. >> not just about the financial part but about the allegations? >> absolutely. >> and you're comfortable -- was is a miscommunication between he and the women. >> he said emphatically the story is not true. bring me some facts, bring me my accuser and that's the way we should handle this in today's society, shouldn't we? >> well, it's a new world order. >> kid of like the cigarette. >> well, you brought up the cigarette thing. i want to play yesterday on "face the nation" herman cain was asked specifically about this now famous viral video that's made y
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)